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﷯Ruvay Hardy Ipswich based Photographer, Ruvay Hardy first realized she loved to express herself through this artistic medium when her first two sons were born. In her earlier years Ruvay was a classical baller dancer who was a member of the Queensland Ballet Theatre for more than 10 years as well as gaining admission into QDSE - Queensland Dance School of Excellence the ballet school for the Queensland Ballet Company. Her passion for Photography kicked into high gear when her beloved father lent her his new Canon Rebel XTI, this being the first DSLR that she had used, she was intrigued by the crispness of the images and a whole new dimension to her passion evolved. As more and more friends and family begun to book her time to create family portraits she felt it was time to consider photography as more than a hobby. Today her hobby has turned into a full time business mostly catering for Portraits and Weddings. Currently completing her Bachelor of Photography at Griffith, Ruvay has received a AIPP gold award for her past portrait work.
﷯Tim Geraghty-Groves Over 25 years ago I was introduced to film photography and B&W darkroom developing by a friend. and It soon became an all consuming past time. At the time I was working nights in a restaurant as a cook which afforded me the lifestyle to shoot images during the day (on film) and developed these images at home after work at night. It wasn’t long before my hobby became my Job when I took my hashed together portfolio of B&W 10×8′s around to countless studio’s in Brisbane, begging for any type of work and the ability to learn more. I finally landed a job in a Wedding and Portrait studio as an assistant photographer where I worked for 2 years and learned so many valuable things including the appreciation that Photography was very much a “hands on” medium back then. Many things have changed in the last 25yrs, and the digital revolution has opened up photography to many amazing new levels but the one thing that has remained the same is the need to capture special moments and events in peoples lives for others to see and admire." In addition to 25 years of photographic self development Tim has completed certificates in Photo imaging, Graphic Design as well as receiving 3 gold and 4 silver AIPP awards for his work and MSIT Student of the graduating year in 2014

Brisbane and Ipswich Commercial Photographer